Duties of the Prosecutor

Ohio law designates the County Prosecutor's Office as the chief legal counsel for all county offices, boards, and agencies such as the Board of County Commissioners, the County Engineer, County Auditor, Board of Elections, County Treasurer, County Department of Job and Family services and other similar agencies.

In his capacity as chief legal counsel for all county officers, he may advise and offer written opinions to county officers in matters connected with their official duties. The prosecutor shall prosecute and defend all suits and actions that any such officer directs or to which the officer is a party.

As counsel for the County Auditor, the Prosecutor advises the Auditor on all taxation matters, including appeals. The prosecutor also represents the County Treasurer in receivership proceedings to collect taxes and other matters relating to the collection of county monies.

The Prosecutor is also the legal adviser of the Board of County Commissioners, the Board of Elections, and all other county boards. All of the boards may require written opinions and instructions from the Prosecutor. The Prosecutor is required to prosecute and defend all suits and actions that any board directs or to which the board is a party.

Prosecutes Felons

The County Prosecutor prosecutes all persons charged with committing felonies in Hardin County. Felonies are serious criminal offenses that may result in prison time.

The Prosecutor has the power to inquire into the commission of crimes, presents cases to the grand jury and prepares indictments.

The Prosecutor conducts the trials of those persons charged with felonies. Upon conviction, the Prosecutor recommends a sentence to the Judge and handles any appeals.

Is an Elected Official

The Prosecutor is elected and holds office for four years. The Prosecutor is elected in the Presidential election year to a term that begins on the first Monday of January following the election.